Welcome to Casera Financial – Casera Credit Union’s virtual branch. As an online-only financial institution, we’re able to cut the costs of full-service, brick-and-mortar banking and pass the savings along to you. As a member, you’ll get competitive rates and the convenience of self-managing your money in a no-fee environment.

While our virtual branch may be new, our approach has been honed through years of service. Casera Credit Union was founded in 1951 and has grown into one of Manitoba’s leading financial product providers. Now, no matter where you live, you can access our proven investment history backed by more than six decades of innovation.

You can always count on Casera.

“We created our virtual branch, Casera Financial, to provide investment opportunities for all types of investors. We pride ourselves on offering top rates for all our products and backing them up with deposit guarantees.

“We’re a virtual branch but when you need to talk to someone, there’ll always be a Casera staff member here to answer your questions. We’ll call you back or reply to your message as soon as possible. You can count on that.”

Brent Thomas
CEO, Casera Credit Union

We’re Always Here to Help

If you can’t find an answer to your question in our FAQs, don’t hesitate to phone or email us. An employee of Casera Credit Union will be in touch.

Casera Credit Union
Corporate Office

1300 Plessis Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2C 2Y6
Phone: 204-958-6300
Fax: 204-222-6766
Email: talktous@caseracu.ca